I often get asked if the market is ‘too saturated’. If there are just too many doTERRA Wellness Advocates out there.

I personally don’t believe in saturation, but let’s rewind.

When I first started my business, doTERRA was relatively new to Canada. In fact, it was two years before our official Canadian launch in June of 2016.

When I started teaching classes, I would ask, “Who here has heard of essential oils before?” and I would only get a few raised hands. When I asked, “Who has used essential oils before?” or “Have you heard about doTERRA?” I would almost always have no one raise their hand.

You may be thinking, wow – the time really was optimal back then. But in fact, the opposite was true.

The most effective form of advertising, is word of mouth.

Think about it. Your sister just told you the new shampoo she’s using is the best she’s ever tried. Your brother found a new gym he’s loving. You pay attention. There’s something about the power of a story that people just gravitate towards.

When people attended my classes back then, and had never even heard of essential oils, much less tried them, it was a hard sell.

Why did they attend? Simple.

They were seeking something more. A better way.

People are still looking for that better way, but here’s the difference between then, and what’s happening now; they’ve heard about it from their friends. Their sister is obsessed. Their co-worker just finished telling them about their new remedy for headaches. Word of mouth.

A person needs to experience at least 6-12 ‘touches’, or introductions to the concept of a new product to make a purchase.

If not, they are considered your ‘cold market’. And if you know anything about sales, a cold market is not the best place to start.

Now that doTERRA has accomplished their goal of making essential oils ‘mainstream’, people are talking.

Many people know about essential oils, and they know people who have used them. In fact, it’s also becoming more common knowledge that doTERRA is the world leader in the industry. They’ve heard about the difference.

Once people have heard success stories about essential oils several times, and can sense the legitimacy of the product and the company, they are far more likely to feel ready to get started.

Will some people you encounter already have a connection with another doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

Sure. Most definitely!

That’s why the people who succeed in this business, have an abundance attitude. They know that the people who enroll through them, are meant to be on their team. And that those who are already enrolled with someone else, were simply, not.

There are a few million doTERRA Wellness Advocates in the world. And up until recently when doTERRA changed the term to ‘Wholesale Customer’, everyone with a wholesale membership (whether you were involved in the business or not), was considered a ‘Wellness Advocate’.

And, of the 3+ million Wellness Advocates in the world, about 84% of them are simply product users and are not involved in the business at all.

It is estimated that there are over 7 billion people in the world. You do the math.

Do you still believe in saturation?