Are you ready to step into your greatness?

I’m currently accepting applications for both essential oil sharers, as well as key leadership positions on my wellness team.

My team has a proven success model for motivated individuals who want to either supplement some of their income or use dōTERRA and their passion for natural health as a vehicle to create a life and a business they love.

That’s the beautiful thing about network marketing and direct sales. There is no glass ceiling, and with the right company, your success is in your hands—not someone else’s.

If you align yourself with a company that you’re passionate about, you can make a BIG difference in people’s lives and the world. And with the free education and tools available to you through our team, you’ll have a platform to make a difference.

I believe that you’re here for a reason.

Something brought you to this website, and to this page. If my message resonates with you, it’s because in some way you’re meant to be here.

Do you have something to say to the world?

I believe that everything that has ever happened to you in your life has been preparing you for something that is yet to come.

Interested in Working With Me?

Is it your time?

As a company, dōTERRA is growing at an exponential rate. There has never been a better time to jump on board.

Here are some reasons why:

  • 53% of those not using natural products named “a healthy lifestyle” as something they want. 87% of those not using natural products are open to trying them.
  • 33% of respondents in a recent survey indicated they’d never used essential oils but wanted to try them—which means there could be more than 100 million Americans who want to experience oils.
  • Yet 61% of the public can’t name an essential oils company, and 44% don’t recognize a single EO company when shown a list of top brands—which means competition is low. There’s never been a better time to share effective, high-quality oils like dōTERRA.

What you can expect if you join my team

  • Intensive coaching with me and/or one of my incredible leaders – we want to see YOU succeed in your business.
  • Access to our amazing getting started program “Beautiful Beginnings.”
  • Access to regular calls, webinars, and training.
  • Access to our team learning Facebook groups, where you can find further product education as well as leadership/team building practices.
  • Access to all the marketing materials you need to grow your business.
  • Advice on sharing oils through blogs, websites and social media.
  • Access to unlimited free personal development training programs.
  • The ability to get the best discounts possible on the best essential oils and essential oil products available.
  • The opportunity to create real residual income through a legitimate and successful business model.
  • The opportunity to step into your next level of greatness, and change your life.

Some Simple FAQ’s

Multi-level marketing (‘MLM’) has long been associated with the term ‘pyramid scheme’, and rightly so – some actually were!

If you’re considering doTERRA or any other Multi-level marketing company for that matter, it’s crucial that you understand the difference between a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ and a successful Multi-level marketing business model.
Read More of Lindsay’s explanation: PROBLEM-PRODUCT-PROVEN

One of the beautiful things about doTERRA is that we have no monthly ‘quotas’ that we have to maintain. There is no required number of classes we need to teach or product we have to sell, in order to get paid.

We also don’t have the infamous MLM ‘buy-in’ to become a ‘rep’. Many companies require that you purchase large enrollment packages to start your own business. doTERRA does not. Enrollment kits range from around $200 and up, but technically all you need to purchase to get started is your $40 CAN membership ($35 US).

After all, there are millions of other doTERRA Wellness Advocates in the world. And doTERRA as a company offers tremendous value through the business tools and trainings they provide for their Wellness Advocates, so that anyone can succeed.

So why does it matter who you enroll with? Let’s start with the basics. If you enroll with a wholesale membership through someone, you are considered to be ‘on their team’.

I often get asked if the market is ‘too saturated’. Or if there are just too many doTERRA Wellness Advocates out there.

I personally don’t believe in saturation, but let’s rewind.

When I first started my business, doTERRA was relatively new to Canada. In fact, it was two years before our official Canadian launch in June of 2016.

When I started teaching classes, I would ask, “Who here has heard of essential oils before?” and I would only get a few raised hands. When I asked, “Who has used essential oils before?” or “Have you heard about doTERRA?” I would almost always have no one raise their hand.

You may be thinking, wow – the time really was optimal back then. But in fact, the opposite was true.

The amount of hours you spend on your doTERRA business, and more importantly, how you spend those hours, will completely determine your success.

But first, what does success mean to you? What would you need to make, in order to feel ‘successful’ in your business?

For some, it’s reaching a top rank in the company. For others, it’s being able to leave their full time job. And yet for some, it’s simply making an extra five hundred dollars a month. It doesn’t matter.

What matters, is that your success rate in your business is directly tied to your goals.

I usually recommend that in order to give this a go, you should need to be able to devote a minimum of 5-10 hours per week to start.

That may sound like a lot to you, or it might sound like very little. And that’s ok.

The important thing to know, is this: You probably have more time than you think you do. There are skill sets you can learn to make the most out of the time you do have.

As you grow, you will intuitively know whether or not you want to step into more. The best thing you can do, is maintain clear communication with your ‘upline’ from the beginning.

They will be able to help you determine an appropriate business plan based on your goals, and also help you adjust it as you go!

You can read through the “How do I share oils?” article to get a sense of what building a doTERRA business looks like, but for now, just know that anyone can fit this business into their life.

There are so many ways to share doTERRA with others!

Whether you’re feeling drawn to simply helping your friends and family with their health goals, or you’re thinking of taking it to the next level and teaching classes, or even building a business, it all starts with simply sharing oils.

Getting comfortable using your oils is the first step. Carrying them with you in the form of roller bottles, sample drams, or straight up in your bag will make it easy!

Often people will just naturally ask about what that amazing smell is, and where it’s coming from, or ask you what you’re applying.

Sharing is the easy part. But how can you turn that into sales without being ‘salesy’. How do you go from ‘sharing’, to ‘building’?

Interested in Working With Me?