There are so many ways to share doTERRA with others!

Whether you’re feeling drawn to simply helping your friends and family with their health goals, or you’re thinking of taking it to the next level and teaching classes, or even building a business, it all starts with simply sharing oils.

Getting comfortable using your oils is the first step. Carrying them with you in the form of roller bottles, sample drams, or straight up in your bag will make it easy!

Often people will just naturally ask about what that amazing smell is, and where it’s coming from, or ask you what you’re applying.

Sharing is the easy part. But how can you turn that into sales without being ‘salesy’. How do you go from ‘sharing’, to ‘building’?

Well first of all, life is full of sales. We are constantly selling, and being sold to. Authentic ‘sales’ really just means learning how to serve people in a way that feels good for both of you, and meets their needs.

When we ‘sell’ doTERRA, we are offering people the life changing gift of natural solutions for their health. We educate, and then we leave the ball in their court. Never being salesy or pushy. We simply let them decide. There are certainly tools and training we offer on our team, to help you find the words effectively, but that’s what’s at the heart of it.

So where do you start? You start with what feels good for you. There will be times when you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone, sure. But if you never ever want to step foot behind a vendor table, you don’t have to. Start where you feel excited and inspired.

If events do happen to be your thing, you might feel drawn to having that table at an expo, or holding DIY nights at your home. Maybe a ‘Yoga & Oils’ night would be right up your alley, at your wellness centre or yoga studio.

The great thing about this business is that you really can get creative and build it in an authentic way that honours you.

You can start by hosting a simple class. Hosting an essential oils class in person or online is a great way to earn free product, or even commissions!

Depending on your location, myself or one of my amazing team members can come and teach your first class or two, until you feel comfortable teaching yourself. And web classes are a great option if you’re further away.

And while we’re talking online options, the opportunity to expand your doTERRA business through a website and social media is endless.

For more details on how to share and build doTERRA, have a look at the articles ‘Is this a pyramid scheme’, and ‘Are there any minimums or quotas?’