By inviting your friends and family to learn about natural health, you’re making a much bigger impact on their lives than you know.

I offer essential oil classes both in person and online. And, one of my goals this year is to reach as many homes as possible with the healing power of these little drops.  I love to travel, and will come to your area to teach for you and your tribe should you decide to host a class.

So what is ‘hosting’ all about?

Who should I invite and how do I get the word out there? 

Reach out to your tribe to let them know you’re hosting the class and WHY! If you’ve tried essential oils before, personal stories about how the oils have helped you are a really powerful way to help others see the value in attending. If you don’t, simply share with your guests why you’ve been curious about learning more.  Chances are, they have too! 

You can invite a group of friends who already know each other like the members of your book club, or a mixed group such as neighbours, co-workers, friends and family!

  • Facebook is a great way to inform but it won’t fill a room. Personalized invitations work best. Address your guests individually by name, gear it toward their interests, and send out the invite. Know your audience, but generally phone calls and texts are the best. Engage with them in a conversation about the event and get them excited to come.
  • Once you send invites, post event information with a fun photo to your Facebook. This is a great reminder for those you sent invites to.
  • Over invite! Chances are not everyone is going to show up. Many Wellness Advocates have said they invite 20 to 30 guests and plan on at least half attending.

Where should I hold the class?

If you’re hosting an in-person event, all you need to provide is a comfortable area to hang out, pass oils around, and learn. Nothing fancy. It doesn’t matter whether that’s your living room, dining room, office, clinic, or church.

And web classes can be great, too! I love giving people (especially busy mama’s) the option of learning in their own home, in their p.j.’s with a glass of wine or cup of tea in hand. If something comes up for someone last minute, they can always catch the recording!

***For web classes, I like to mail samples to each individual guest prior to the class, so they can experience the oils as if they were there in person.

How long is a class?

The class itself will be about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. When it comes to in-person classes, I like to allow 2 hours from start to finish for guests to arrive at the beginning and place orders at the end if they wish. Online classes are shorter.

Are there any perks for hosting?

Yes! Contact me for more information about the different host rewards I offer.

The moment I opened up that first bottle, my life was changed. Who’s in your life that could benefit from the healing power of natural solutions?