One of the biggest ways that Essential Oils have impacted my life, besides my own personal use, has been as a mom.

I used to always feel so helpless when my babies needed physical or emotional support, and I had nothing to offer them outside of the standard pharmaceutical options. Since I started using doTERRA essential oils, I feel like I have an amazing natural toolbox that I can use to help them.

Now, I’m not talking about diagnosing and treating your own children. That’s their doctor’s job. In fact, I regularly lean on our physician’s guidance for our health when it comes to anything I’m unsure of.

But the fact is this; walk-in clinic and ER waiting rooms are overburdened with people who have ailments that could likely have been dealt with at home, or at least waited out longer. We have become an impatient, helpless, and reactive society when it comes to our health and our family’s health. It would do the health care system and our own families good, to become a little more proactive.

You can find great checklists online through the Mayo Clinic and other sites about when it’s necessary to seek medical attention, and hotlines like Telehealth can also be a helpful tool.

But there are those mama-gut times, aren’t there? Those times when your child simply has a temperature or a sore tummy, and you know it would be unreasonable to seek medical help.

If you’re like I was a few years ago, you feel conflicted. Torn. Do you give them medication to bring down their fever and make them more comfortable? You know that fevers are good, and to a reasonable degree, should be left alone to do the job they’re there to do; which is to fight the infection. But, you don’t want your child to suffer.

And for me, other natural options I had tried in the past just didn’t seem to help.

I always felt uncomfortable using synthetic medication on my kids regularly for minor ailments because they have so many possible long term side effects.

roller-bottles-for-kids-doterra-oilsThere is nothing more empowering, in my experience, than being able to take care of your kids naturally in these situations, with a solution that actually works.
Essential oils are very safe when used responsibly, but like anything, you’re going to want to take safety precautions. For this reason, please give my article on ‘Safety’ a good read.

Roller Bottles, Galore!

Roller bottles are a GREAT way to use essential oils topically with kids, because you can pre-dilute your oils and have them ready-to-use on the run. Older kids can even apply essential oils safely themselves when they are using a roller bottle with supervision.

These little bottles are generally made of thick glass or stainless steel, and have a ‘roller’ top with a lid. They generally come in 5ml and 10ml sizes.

When I make my own roller bottles for kids, I personally don’t use more than 15 drops total in a 10ml roller bottle, and much less for young babies.

I like to give each child their own, for sanitary purposes, and although essential oils have wonderful antibacterial properties, it’s good to disinfect your roller bottles between re-fills.

doTERRA has an incredible line of ‘Touch’ roller bottles that are perfectly pre-diluted for use on the whole family, although I would personally just use a small swipe on a younger child. There are two ‘Touch’ lines available; the top 10 essential collection, and the emotional aromatherapy line.

My Favorite Ways to use Essential Oils with Kids

  • Restful Sleep: Lavender, Cedarwood, the ‘Reassuring Blend’ (Peace), or the ‘Restful Blend’ (Serenity), can be diluted on the feet before bed, and/or a few drops in their diffusers. For my kids ages I use about 3-4 drops, but I would only use 1-2 drops for a baby. Add two to three drops to a bedtime bath with Epsom salts to create a peaceful, renewing aroma.
  • Anxious Feelings: The ‘Grounding Blend’ (Balance), the ‘Reassuring Blend’ (Peace), the ‘Restful Blend’ (Serenity), Lavender, Bergamot, Vetiver, and/or Wild Orange are just a few that can be helpful. You can add several drops to a roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil or another carrier oil to pre-dilute, and they can apply to their pulse points/over their heart, back of the neck, elbows, or bottoms of the feet at the start of the day and before/during/after a difficult day.
  • Cough & Colds: There are so many oils that are used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and coughs, which is amazing news for parents. Health Canada has listed the following doTERRA essential oils as natural health products that might be helpful: Cypress, Bergamot, Ginger, Helichrysum, Lemon, Lime, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Cardamom and Peppermint.

    My go-to for a cough is Cardamom + Lime diluted and applied topically to the chest, or diffused. For colds in general, I’ll often apply the Respiratory Blend (‘Easy Air’/’Breathe’) to the chest (or the feet for babies), for soothing and cooling sensation.
    Teething Discomfort: Lavender + White Fir can be diluted and applied around the jawline. This is the only situation where I would recommend applying essential oils on or near a child’s face, so please take care to dilute and use in small amounts.

  • Tummy Troubles: Some of my favourite oils that are used in aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort are: Ginger, Peppermint, the ‘Digestive Blend’ (‘ZenGest’/’DigestZen’), Wild Orange, and Cardamom. We use Ginger on the wick of an essential oil nasal inhaler, or on a tissue in a pinch, during long road trips for nausea. We also love applying diluted Peppermint + Wild Orange, or the ‘Digestive Blend’ topically.
  • Fevers: If a fever is not dangerously high, I like to apply a diluted roller bottle blend that I make with a couple drops each of Chamomile, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. I apply it down the spine and on the feet.
  • Growing Pains/Muscle Pains/Sprains: Dilute and massage any of the following oils to provide relief and speed healing: Peppermint, Lime, Juniper Berry, Helichrysum, Ginger, the ‘Soothing Blend’, or the ‘Massage Blend’ (AromaTouch).
  • Bruises: Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Helichrysum, or Bergamot can be combined with a couple of drops each along with a carrier oil in a roller bottle, or diluted and used individually to help relieve bruises.
  • Focus: Diffuse Peppermint, Basil, Citrus Oils and/or Rosemary during study time for an invigorating and stimulating aroma. Apply InTune to the back of the neck, and/or wrists to tune in to tasks that require concentration.
  • Boo-Boo’s: Some essential oils that can help speed up the healing of cuts, burns, and other minor skin irritations are: Helichrysum, Lavender, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Frankincense. You can dilute and use these oils individually, or try making an ‘owie ointment’ out of a combination of them, mixed with coconut oil!
  • Nightmares/Night Terrors: Try diffusing any of the oils listed under ‘Anxious Feelings’, and/or applying to the bottoms of the feet or behind the ears before bed.
  • Immune Support: I make my kiddos each a roller bottle during seasons of high threat, with a couple drops of Frankincense, the ‘Protective Blend’ (OnGuard), Tea Tree, and Lemon. We apply it along the spine and on the feet morning and night. I will add a couple drops of oregano to the mixture if they need an extra boost, and apply again throughout the day.