Better health, better life. One drop at a time

How essential oils changed my life

When I first started using dōTERRA oils it was because someone had given me a sample to help my youngest daughter settle down at night.

When I saw the oils helping her, and quickly noticed how effectively they worked for all kinds of other issues that came up in our home, I realized that they were a key tool that I had been missing for far too long.

Now, essential oils are one of those things that I really can’t imagine living life without. (Kind of like toothpaste.)

Those tiny little 15ml bottles are a part of my daily life—EVERY SINGLE DAY—for one thing or another. They line the cupboards and countertops of my home, and I truly can’t imagine life without their physical and emotional support.

I’m either diffusing them to keep our immune systems strong, rubbing them on one of my children’s bellies for their soothing effects, adding them to my skin care routine, or dropping them on my aromatherapy jewelry to keep myself sane.

essential-oils-childrens-healthI feel so empowered to have these little tools from nature, and will be forever grateful for that first sample.

If you ask me, essential oils will make your life healthier and happier—end of story.