One of the beautiful things about doTERRA is that we have no monthly ‘quotas’ that we have to maintain. There is no required number of classes we need to teach or product we have to sell, in order to get paid.

We also don’t have the infamous MLM ‘buy-in’ to become a ‘rep’. Many companies require that you purchase large enrollment packages to start your own business. doTERRA does not. Enrollment kits range from around $200 and up, but technically all you need to purchase to get started is your $40 CAN membership ($35 US).

However, it would be kind of silly to start a business without any product.

The amazing thing about the enrollment kits is that they not only bundle the most popular oils together at a significant cost savings, but they also include your membership. See ‘Getting Started’ for more information.

Now, to be paid as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you will have to invest some time, but you are also required to invest in your health. To actually use the product so you can be an example of wellness to others. Makes sense, right?

That’s why Wellness Advocates are required to order a minimum of 100pv in personal product each month in order to be paid commissions. That’s about $150 dollars per month. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

I mean, instead of the extensive overhead it would cost you if you were to start any other business, in product, employees, shipping, marketing and more, you get to invest in your health and your family’s health with the best essential oils and wellness products in the world.

To make it even sweeter, you’ll be ordering through the amazing Loyalty Rewards Program, which means you’ll be earning TONS of points towards free product. It really is the best Rewards Program I’ve seen.

As a bonus, if your order is over 125pv, you get a free bottle of oil, every single month!

Win, win.