How listening to that “little voice” changed my life … and how it could change yours


Join My Global Team - Lindsay HammI’m a wife, mama to three beautiful kids, and a successful natural health entrepreneur.

To anyone looking in, my journey to where I’m at today appears pretty normal. Easy, even. Like I have it all, and all the cards must have simply fallen in my favour. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been the person who would rather stand in the background, not being noticed, avoiding attention at all costs. Afterall, shining bright means making yourself vulnerable to judgement.

I decided at an early age that it was simply not worth the risk.

And yet today, I’m a top leader in my essential oil company. I lead coaching calls and business trainings for hundreds of people, and every day I step into a new realm outside my comfort zone. (This website very much included.)

How I got here

There’s no easy way to talk about the skeleton in my closet, so I’m just going to come right out with it.

The first time I made myself throw up, I think I was 12.

By the middle of high school, I had a full blown eating disorder. One that had claimed its role as a kind of overprotective friend, one that some part of me thought would save me from the harsh reality of the teen years.

Even though I had a wonderful family and no trauma in my history, the rules of the world had grabbed me. Hard.

I could eat away my feelings (in high school, there’s no shortage of those), and then purge away the guilt—and the fear of a body that boys, and society in general would never love and accept.

After all, even with all the advancements we’ve made as women, those are the rules.

Girls are supposed to stay “small”

I felt like I was in control of my size, and bingeing and purging kept my other feelings at bay. It was perfect. Except for one thing.

My eating disorder stole my life.

Physically, I was tired and couldn’t keep up with the sports my friends played.

Mentally, I was depleted of nutrients and foggy all the time. I couldn’t meet the demands of school like my friends could. It cost me a Psychology degree, and so much more.

And then…

I started hearing this little voice that kept whispering that I had more to experience in life, and more to offer.

I truly believe that voice was God, but you can call it whatever you want.

That voice told me that there were plans for my life—and that I couldn’t step into who I was meant to be if I continued to hurt myself.

And so, I started to confide in people and I went to a treatment program.

That was a big step, because bulimia is so easy to hide. It doesn’t make you skinny. In fact, many people are heavier than normal when they’re in the thick of it. So nobody knows.

It’s tricky like that.

If you starve yourself, you’ll lose weight. And sadly, most of the people in your life are probably going to praise your weight loss all the way to the hospital.

Which is why even though over two thirds of women in our society have disordered eating, and even though bulimia is twice as common as anorexia, most women won’t seek help.

How things began to change

Going to treatment was not the end of my struggle, but rather the important first step of many that would be taken over the years to come. Sometimes the same steps, over and over again.

And with those steps, over the years, my eating disorder stepped in to “take care of me” less and less often.

For the first time in my life I was starting to see food as fuel. It could be harmful, or it could be “clean” and actually good for my body. Nutrients, instead of calories, carbs and fat.

In today’s world, with all of the rules we’re bombarded with, this shift in thought is something I still have to intentionally focus on daily.

When I was introduced to essential oils and decided to start my own business, I thought my purpose was simply to teach other moms how to support their families health naturally.

As I used them more and more, I quickly realized they were also a powerful emotional support piece in the wellness toolbox I had been building.

This website exists, because I’ve realized my purpose. I now know that I have the power (scratch that. The responsibility), to teach people that no matter what their story is, they can impact others and create positive change in the world.

My life today

I work from home. I love what I do. I share natural healing and an incredible business opportunity with others who have bigger dreams for their life.

I do the “mom” thing every day, and most importantly, I have time to focus on my own self care.

Women like Brené Brown, Danielle LaPorte, Tara Mohr, and Glennon Doyle Melton have been profound mentors to me. Through each beautiful word written in their books, they encouraged me to share my story with you. To take action based on my core desires. To rise strong, and play bigger. To be a love warrior.

I believe each of us has a powerful story that the world needs to hear. And what drives me is the whisper that’s always been there, telling me that people need to hear mine.

I always knew that I would be called to tell my story, at some point… Whether that was in a book, in a blog, or on stage.

That time has come, and this page is the first step.

What this means for you

Everyone can take their story and become a voice for change.

It’s taken me a long, long time to connect my past to my purpose.

I want to inspire people to play bigger. I want to teach my girls, and your girls, and women everywhere, to live consciously. To beat the odds against us in this toxic world, and to experience the beauty of what life can look like when you live in a high-vibrational state.

So here is my message to you.

My beautiful reader, we need a driving force in our hearts that will spark change, inspire others, and make this world a better place.

It starts with that little voice. Your intuition. Your inner mentor.

And if me sharing my story has helped you come even a little bit closer to hearing that voice inside yourself and realizing your purpose…

Then everything I’ve been through has been worth it.